Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shelby Peters
Nov 12
to me
Coeur d'Alene sounds so wonderful.  And kinda cold.  Was it cold?  It hasn't been cold at all here.  Okay, I take that back... but it's never really cloudy.  Yesterday was really hot and today it probably going to be the same and I can't believe it!  But I would love it if you could send me some of my jackets.  The dressy ones I have are good for proscelyting, but i need some for service.  So maybe you cold send me  my red redfish lake one and my purple fox jacket?  That would be wonderful :)  Oh, could you also send me that blue fat curling iron?  No rush on anything. Thanks for sending those cds!! ps I highly doubt i will get transferred, but I won't find out until next monday.  So maybe in a few days if you send anything, start sending it to the mission address and they'll make sure it gets to me whether I'm transferred or not.  And then when I find out where I'll be, I'll let you know if I have a new address. :)  haha it's really crazy here in Colorado cause there's a lot of pot dispensaries and you'll see gas stations advertize their prices for how much you can get per gram and whatnot haha.  I don't really know why I thought to tell you that... but yeah.
Oh my goodness, that is so crazy about Dallin and Cassie!  I couldn't help but cry when I read that, not because I was worried, but because I know the Lord is watching over you all.
I emailed Sister Harris today and she emailed me back, so I will be keeping in touch with her and keep you updated on any adventures she has :)  Tell Sister Bautista she is also wonderful!! Thanks for keeping me updated on what's going on in the ward :)  It's been pretty exciting to have so many sisters in our mission here.  They're going to start opening new areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully they will open up New Mexico for sisters in our mission because i want to go there so so so bad! And maybe we'll start getting Spanish sisters :D (I'm secretly hoping that I'll get switched to spanish speaking *cough* what?*)  
We went to the zoo again this week to do service and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is seriously the best thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coolest zoo ever. We got to feed some giraffes and the zookeepers also let us go in the wallaby habitat and pet them :) 
We have another new investigator named Joseph.  He has a ton of questions and it's quite overwhelming haha.  But he's a great guy and I know that the Spirit will testify of these truths to him.  I'm a little worried about our investigator Chase because he was out of town this weekend and didn't come to church (which means we have to push his baptism date back another week) and he also hasn't texted us back at all since then... So keep praying for him.  I really hope i get to stay another transfer in this area so I can keep working with them.
My heart aches for Brother and Sister Perry.  I will continue to pray for them.  I did email him like dad suggested, but if you get the chance, let them know that I'm thinking of them and I'm grateful that they've supported me in all of my plays and for all of the home teaching they did for us.
I love you so much!
Oh yeah!!! and thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the package!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, I'm so grateful!  The treats were delicious and I'm still working on the cheeseball :D  And I'm so excited about the Christmas tree and window decorations you gave me!!!!!!!!!!! and nutella!!!!!! oh and the pillowcase!!!!!!! and sister larsen loves hers, too! I love everything so much! I picked the pillowcase with the fat penguins :)  I think you knew I would haha.  Thanks so much.  I really appreciate it.
I love you! I'll do my best to write a letter this week :)
ps write me about Jake if you find out anything

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