Monday, April 14, 2014

Shelby Peters

11:44 AM (5 hours ago)
to me
Aw, sounds like fun!!!!! I stinkin miss Mike!!  AND Marty! Poor thing! tell her I say hi :)  There's a lady in the ward I'm serving in who totally reminds me of her :) She's fun.
I don't need new pants- I resewed the ones that ripped and also bought a pair at a thrift store for like 4 bucks.
Ah, I wish I could go to the temple!!!!!!!!!!! Next month!!!!! it seems so far away.... haha.  Thanks for praying for me.  Tell Grandma thanks for putting my name in the temple as well.  I don't know what's wrong with me, but I'll be fine :)  I got a blessing of healing from the elders yesterday that said I'll heal :)
Tell Rachel I got the dvd and letters!!!!!!!!!!! I told Haley to tell her, but apparently that didn't happen haha.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE YOU SENT ME!!!!!!!!!! haha Sister Perrin walked inside our house, then turned around (cause I was still inside) and all she could say was: "...PACKAGE." and held her hands out super wide to show me how big it is hahahha.
btdubs, Sis. Perrin completely LOVES you hahaha.  I'll tell her stories all the time about you and I and she says, "your mom doesn't even sound like a mom.  She sounds like a best friend!"  haha <3
  Thanks for the scarves!!! I really love them :)  And I have exercised my self control enough to not open the easter stuff, but thanks for the baskets! Even though I don't know what's in them yet! :)  Thanks also for sending me some angel food cake.  The morning of the day the package came, I realized that I was going to miss out on celebrating Kelli's birthday with everyone and I was pretty sad.  So when I pulled the cake out of the package, I started crying haha and sis perrin was like, "what's wrong?? It's just cake!"  I was like, i know!!! but you don't even know!~!!!! haha :)
well, this week was fun :) lots of stuff happened.
We were eating at a family's house (the Carroll's) --they are my FAVORITE because they remind me of our family pretty much to a T.  Seriously, their son Shawn is Ashton.  Like...they are the same person.  Anyway, we were talking about...dead pets haha... and Sis. Carroll mentioned how she had goldfish at her wedding, but some of them jumped out and died on the floor hahahaha.  Then Sister Perrin says, "If it were up to Sister Peters, she would have chinchillas at her wedding..." and then Shawn piped up and his eyes got all big like Ashton's do and he said, "!!! I have a chinchilla!!"  and I was like, "No you don't!!!" cause I didn't believe him haha, but he was completely serious!!!! he was like "No, yeah, I do!!!!"  So then Mitchell (who is Dallin.  Same person.  Seriously) went and got it!!!!! and I got to hold it!!! and I got sister PERRIN to hold it haha!!!! (she's not a big fan)

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