Tuesday, September 3, 2013

doing great in Colorado Springs!

Wow I don't even know where to start!  This week has been CRAZY!!! so since yesterday was Labor Day, we didn't have a p-day cause all the libraries were closed and also because we have to work work work on holidays!!  Okay, well here's a recap of the week:  So I got assigned to serve in the Mount Hermon Singles Ward right here in the heart of Colorado Springs.  We cover a pretty large area since the single peoples are spread out all over the place.  My trainer/companion's name is Sister Larsen and she's from Maryland.  She's really nice.  okay, sorry I'm jumping around, but it's really hard to get my thoughts straight and i'm limited on time. So when I first got out here, we stayed in some members' home (the Bass's)  They were empty nesters and AMAZING people!  The husband's name was Arnie and he is pretty much a mix of every single race ever, but he looks mostly African American.  He grew up during the civil rights movement and had so many crazy stories about be arrested and such!  They were awesome people and their home was so warm and welcoming.  So, now that I've been assigned to an area, I am living in a different member's home (The Williams)  Oh, and my new address is 2420 Linenhall Court, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.  Please send ALL packages here for the next 11 weeks and all mail, too.  If you've already sent stuff to the mission address, that's completely fine, and they'll forward it to me, it will just take a few more days. The Williams are super nice and they are allowing us to live upstairs in their master bedroom.
Alrighty, day one in the field and the first thing we do is go teach some members at the airforce academy!!! It is so cool.  we're not allowed to proselyte there, but we can teach lessons to people that set up appointments.  We're only allowed on certain parts of the base, but it was a super cool experience and we'll be going there once a week. 
just like i said, I'm jumping around, soooo, yeah.  There's this guy named Elder Holyoak in my district from Twin Falls and it's funny cause we don't know each other but totally recognize each other, just from seeing each other around haha.  He claims that we've seen each other during golf tournaments, but I don't really know. 
We've found a few people to teach through tracting, but no one has called us back or anything :(  We don't really have any progressing investigators right now, but that's soon to change!  Everyone makes fun of me for having "the greenie fire" but I hope it never leaves, actually.  We go to all the singles ward activities and I actually met another guy who knew Troy and Shauna's family haha.  Prosser is seriously the smallest place in the world, but I have met so many people that know the Peters there!  He served his mission there and that's how he met them.  I guess he got in contact with them a little after I met him and the Peters told him to tell me that I'm the best cousin ever and they love me haha :) 
just throwing that out there.
Today and yesterday have been pretty hot, but the days before that were POURING RAIN.  Thank goodness for my umbrella or I would have been soaked.  Like my not so prepared companion. 
I am surprised, yet pleased to say that I have been approved to drive a mission vehicle.  Actually, it's not official yet, but they had me take a test and I guess I'll find out pretty soon....
Everyone here is very nice.  At church on Sunday, there was this kid who bore his testimony who wasn't a member of the church, but was just being introduced to it.  Okay, this guy was so ghetto fly and WHITE.  But he was up there saying, "ya know, I been to so many churches and ya just don get the vibe you get here.  i know ya know what i'm sayin.  Ya know people here are so nice.  I neva been a DJ, but i got some experience, they let me dj for some stuff... everyone so nice, they tell ya get some chips, get some dip."  He was in this ghetto all black outfit with chains and he didn't know how to end his testimony, so he just said, "i 'preciate ya'll listenin to me."  then kinda head bobbed a little bit and swagga'ed off the stand.  best testimony ever.
oh, and one last note, my companion ALWAYS uses the word "awkward" when it is NEVER AWKWARD.  Like, she dropped our phone while we were walking and said, "oh, that was awkward..."  ....not really...  but it reminds me of Ashton hahaha.  "let's play that one board game!" "AWKWARD!!!"  hahha, oh, J.  Well I sure do love you guys! I'll  write soon!
Love, Sister Peters
ps Mom, you can put that on my blog if you want or remember how to, and distribute it as you wish :)

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